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The UK's Number 1 Crypto and Blockchain Podcast

Feb 18, 2018

In this episode Kevin talks with Samson Williams about ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What’s an ICO and why they exist
  • The difference between an ICO & ITO (initial token offering)
  • Why blockchain isn’t hot sauce! (you don’t have to sprinkle that sh*t everywhere)
  • The average success rates of ICOs and what to look out for
  • How to avoid the scams and bad projects
  • How to find the best ICOs (or at least increase your chances of success)

We also talk about a few topics which have been in the news recently including the Kodak ICO (which is on hold) and the hype around Atari’s ICO.

Here’s some of resources and links Samson spoke about during the interview: - a list of ICOs and token sales available. - another place to find ICOs and tokens sales. - a project Samson advises on. They solve the problem of getting luxury goods into the hands of the Chinese market AND helps niche manufacturers sell their items into China. There’s a useful Q&A video we found HERE which explains the concept in more detail. - another project Samson advices on. They help push out education to the masses, capture your wealth score and measure where you’re at on your journey to wealth. We think this project could be HUGE, there’s an enormous market opportunity. They’ll be launching their ICO at South by South West.

Here’s some more about Samson Williams:

Samson Williams is partner at Axes and Eggs, a Washington, DC based blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy. Samson wants you to know, blockchain isn't hot sauce. You can't put that shit on everything.  Samson is currently working on 2 cryptocurrency token projects. One for an online marketplace, iCrowdU and the other OpportunityHub, that wants to ask you, "What is your wealth score?"  


For more information on Samson Williams you can follow him on:

Twitter @HustleFundBaby

Instagram @HustleFundBaby

or linkedin where he posts some absolute gems!


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