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Mar 11, 2018

In this Episode, Kevin talks with the CEO of

Today we’re excited to be joined by a Serial entrepreneur Pete Martin. He’s worked on 5 start-ups including several successful exits generating an average return to investors of 11 times invested capital!

Pete is the Founder and CEO of Votem Corp, a blockchain-based mobile voting systems company.

He’s also an Author of the upcoming book, "Sparking a Mobile Revolution; How Mobile Voting Will Change the World as We Know It.” 

Here are some of the topics we covered:

Pete’s background and how he was inspired by Peter Diamandis

The problem Votem is trying solve

A simple explanation of Votem and how it works

How voters could use the system and how it could provide an easy point of entry for voters.

We also ask the questions:

The democratic system has come under fire over the last decade, with lots of talk of political votes being rigged or outside manipulation - How does Votem ensure that manipulation doesn’t occur?

Votem’s Proof of Vote public protocol aims to provide irrefutable evidence of the result of a valid vote that was cast - how does this work?

How does your marketing evolve when you’re going from fundraising to educating potential customers?

PLUS a load more which you can listen to in this episode

We also have some questions from members of Cryptopulse VIP Community on Facebook.

Samuel Flatman asks:

My controversial question to Votem would be ‘Do you really think that Liberal Democracy will survive in our 24/7/365 social media manipulated world?’

Simon Rees asks:

Do you think the current system of voting is open to manipulation? If so do they think the political elite would ever adopt a system that they cannot manipulate?

You can check out Votem via the following links: