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Mar 27, 2018

Interview with the founders of iCrowdU

In this episode, Kevin speaks to Alex Holtermann and Ian Wright from iCrowdu.

These talented and high energy entrepreneurs are set to disrupt the crowdfunding space with their revolutionary blockchain project. We cover a whole host of different questions including:


  • How they both started in crypto & blockchain including Alex’s multi-million-dollar mining idea which failed to get off the ground. Thankfully he had another “bite of the cherry” and co-created iCrowdu.
  • The problem iCrowdu is solving by providing a peer to peer service between producers & consumers. They save a staggering 70% on average bypassing traditional e-commerce or retail channels.
  • How the crowd token will work to help fund projects
  • The power of the crowd to help products go viral!
  • Some of the issues around current crowdfunding methods such as Kickstarter

Ben & I were really impressed with these guys and Samson William (who we interviewed in Episode 6) is an advisor.

We strongly suggest you check out the token sale website here:


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